About Ziksa

About Ziksa

Built to help learning organisations achieve success, Ziksa is highly secured, focuses on the employee, and allows a smarter and faster workforce learning experience than traditional learning delivery platforms.
Ziksa is the Learning Delivery Platform of MiHCM.
MiHCM is a global Digital HR software designed to run on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Ziksa is seamlessly integrated with the MiHCM’s Learning Management capability, enabling enterprises to leverage an inclusive, end-to-end learning management and delivery experience.

Ziksa is the ideal combination to administer end-to-end Learning management and delivery by automating tasks from course creation to assignment to tracking and reporting and beyond. The product is also integrated with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to host virtual classrooms through Ziksa.

For HR organisations, the platform makes it easier to manage the entire learning experience from system implementation and integration to MiHCM or any HR platform. For learners, the LMS streamlines how users interact with courses and content, providing instant access to ongoing training.

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