Why Choose


Why Choose


Why Choose


An inclusive Digital Learning Experience

Ziksa is seamlessly integrated with MiHCM Learning Management, enabling HR to administer training programs in MiHCM and deliver learning content through Ziksa to the workforce.

Deploy quickly and Administer with ease

Forget about installation guides and slow implementation, since everything comes out of the box ready-to-use, create courses with material, get your employees to subscribe, and you’re good to go.

Make Learning accessible to all

The cloud learning delivery platform can be accessed by your entire workforce from anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Classroom

Ziksa is integrated with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to help you plan virtual classrooms to run scheduled or spontaneous online classes.

SCORM Compliance

Import your SCORM files into the content library and use them to create lessons and/or courses.

Remarkably easy-to-use interface

Smart Learning Delivery Platform for today’s in-the-moment, on-the-go workforce aspiring learning to be quick, relevant, and easy to access from anywhere, anytime.

Make it your own Portal

Make it your portal by using your own logo, testimonials and a theme in depth to fit your branding needs.


Go beyond static training and incentivize learners through badges, rewards and other elements of gamification and rewards.

Analytics & Dashboards

Leverage the powerful dashboards and analytics to analyse/measure the effectiveness of training programs.

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See how Ziksa can reimagine

Workforce Learning in your Organisation