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Elevate enterprise learning with a

smart Learning Delivery Platform.

Why Choose Ziksa?

An inclusive
Digital Learning Experience
Deploy quickly and
Administer with ease
Make Learning
accessible to all
Virtual Classroom
Remarkably easy-to-use
SCORM Compliance
Make it your own
Analytics &

Ziksa Features

Create courses with ease

Assemble varieties of content.


Create a
Content Library

Manage, Refresh
Course Content

Assessment and

Dashboards and

Gamified features
including Badges

Virtual Classrooms through Microsoft Teams and ZOOM

The Learning Management System

that suits your Training Need

HR organisations can

Icon Deliver seamless courses with an LMS that works with SCORM.
Icon Host a content repository/library including text-based material and videos.
Icon Live Classrooms via Microsoft Teams and ZOOM to reach a broader audience.
Icon Make it your portal by using your own logo, testimonials and a theme in depth to fit your branding needs .
Icon Leverage the analytics and dashboards of Ziksa to analyse training effectiveness.
Icon Define criteria to assess participants’ performance on quizzes and generate certifications.

Workforce Is empowered to

iconright Gain access to learning content and course material from anywhere, anytime.
iconright Experience a complete Digital Learning experience from consuming learning content completing quizzes / assessments and obtaining certifications.
iconright Engage in a discussion forum with the content providers/ tutors.
iconright Share preferred courses on personal Social Networks.
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See how Ziksa can reimagine

Workforce Learning in your Organisation